TelATime is Updating!

TelATime should be off the ground in a few months. I will keep all parties apprised with any relevant updates. Thank you everyone!

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TelATime helps grow a four person operation into a 4500+ publically traded market leader.

TelATime's software solutions revolves around a database built from the ground up, that integrates into existing processes and function. If your business utilizes anything from a simple spreadsheet to a complex SQL solution, we've got you covered. We can use/manipulate existing information from sources such as pdfs to scanned documents and distribute selected infromation to the proper channels. Best of all, our solutions are affordable and ROI is almost instantaneous. See below for some of TelATime's product offerings.

Payroll CPA Firm: Paycheck to Web Portal. Resturaunt: Proximity Marketing Menu. Car Dealership: Car NFC to Web Portal. Law Firm: Scanner to Web Portal.

Start Simple and Build Your Company's Vision

Pick only the tools that meet the need's at hand.


Discover the patterns in your viewer's clickstreams to provide them with more of what they want. Find out what works and what does not work.

Engaging Websites

Marketing Destop, Tablet, Smartphone
Providing new experiences from simple branding to complexity that interacts with your company's backend.

Phone System Intergration

Support Phone and Website
Seamlessly switch from phone to chat to web sessions as needed when communicating with a customer or prospect.

Proximity Marketing

Networking Wifi
Combine the tactile experience of brick and mortor with the informational experience of the mobile web.

QR Code / NFC Ready

Operations Smart phone, Inventory and more!
Allow your visitors to pull up information without lookups and typos to get the infomation that relates to what is infront of them.